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Leave a mark with pride - Tel Aviv

With every step you take on the streets of Tel Aviv, you will feel the beats of history that reflect the work of construction and revival, the spirit of entrepreneurship and action, and the feeling of love in all its shades, which the residents feel for our city. The proud community has an integral part in Tel Aviv's unique human mosaic and, yes, also in its heritage.

We sought to illuminate this legacy as part of the "Proudly Seal" exhibition, which gives us the opportunity to share the history and path of the proud community in our city, through the personal stories of a veteran, and produces an in-depth discourse on the path we have taken as a society._ cc781905-5cde


  This project is a place of honor and strengthens the veterans of the LGBT community, as well as the connection between the generations and the communities in the city of Tel Aviv. To illuminate their work and thank them for it.


Our deep gratitude to the veterans for their willingness to share their story. It is a great privilege to illuminate dark parts of history, for a better future for society as a whole.

"The 'Leave a Seal with Pride' exhibition gives us an opportunity to share the history and path that the proud community in our city has gone through"


Artistic Initiative: The Autographers Initiative

In collaboration with the Proud Center, Tel Aviv Municipality.


Thanks to our partners

התאחדות הסטודנטים והסטודנטיות בישראל

תוכנית כוח משימה לאומי תוכנית סטודנטים למען אזרחים ותיקים
אגף בכיר אזרחים ותיקים
רשות הצעירים

תוכנית "בוחרים מחר לעד" של הסוכנות היהודית לארץ ישראל

"הומא" קהילת יוצרים בנגב

"כיוונים" החברה לתרבות הפנאי בבאר שבע

הסוכנות היהודית לארץ ישראל

מפעל הפיס


The "Autographers" project gives us a unique glimpse into the painful history of World War II and this time with a spotlight on the Holocaust survivors, some of whom were then only children. In adulthood they chose to build their lives in Ness Ziona, and in many ways they are a 'walking history'. The products were combined into an exhibition  'Heroes of the Second World War' that excites everyone who is exposed to it and who reaches the younger generation in our city._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

It is our moral duty to share the documented stories, to remember the price charged by World War II from the world in general and the Jewish community in particular and to instill values of appreciation of heroism and solidarity for each other. , Those who survived the atrocities, fought in armies and undergrounds, and those who were in the home front like survivors of the Leningrad siege and survived thanks to resourcefulness, solidity and hope.


At this time, as we face a new reality in the shadow of the Corona, I see great importance in this venture that gives a place of honor to these heroes in our city. I am grateful to all those involved in the craft, first and foremost - to the documented for their contribution and willingness to share their story, _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ to the Welfare and Social Services Division who led the venture alongside the Autographers team, who together created ours.



Samuel Boxer

Mayor of Ness Ziona

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