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About Us

The Autographers is an artistic social enterprise that allows its participants to embark on a journey through history and leave their mark on the community. The project brings together witnesses of historical events in the life of the city and the country and documenters in photography, painting and text. The products are part of a traveling exhibition combined with an educational activity that allows people to take a personal look at history while creating an experience in an environment that promotes intergenerational encounters. The project stimulates the local creative community and connects it with the national and international community.

Ali Birani, activist of the peace delegation. Photo: Eyal Saba

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Ali Birani | Photo by Eyal Saba

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The Autographers exhibition in Dalit Al Carmel is full of content, without Photoshop. A social truth and perhaps the best and most moving performance in the history of the Druze in Israel. All culture, only culture.

Rafik Halabi,

Head of the Dalit Al Carmel Council

The Autographers project has made a significant and creative contribution to documenting the history of Holocaust survivors through the eyes of local artists from the region, and for this it is awarded a plaque of recognition.

Yigal Cohen,

CEO of the Ghetto Fighters House

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