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In Yoav

Photo: Shahar Dvir


"This project came to illuminate the part of the veterans who shaped the character of the Yoav Regional Council"

The Autographers is an international documentary art project that brings together artists and witnesses to historical events. The traveling exhibition reflects history through the eyes of the people who experienced it, through talented artists documenting them. In this way, it connects the different generations, communities and cultures in a unique fabric for Yoav.
This venture came to illuminate the part of some of the veterans who have built their lives in the Yoav Regional Council, shaped its character and contributed to its development.   All the documented have left a mark on many hearts, and all testify that their identity is connected with the Council, and for its future have always acted.   The stories are inspiring: childhood in the shadow of wars and the establishment of the state, partnership in the establishment of settlements out of nothing, the work of the land and the nature that surrounds them, and above all the love of man and the community they created.
The products of our journey for the paths of memories give place and respect to the past and heritage, but also a fresh spirit with a look ahead through the eyes of the creators. This journey has been exciting for all of us, but there is no doubt in my heart that this is just the beginning, and that the ties that have been forged will continue to deepen their roots.


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Remarks by the head of the council

"It is our job to cultivate the connection between our future and our heritage, which is the source of our pride."

Dear residents,
This year we mark the 70th anniversary of the Yoav Regional Council. It is an opportunity for us to look back with appreciation, appreciation for the present and hope for the future.
The "Leave a Seal in Yoav" documentation project, in collaboration with Mifal Hapayis, gives us a unique glimpse into the fascinating and extensive history of our area, through the stories of some of the local veterans. Fascinating stories from the past of the council and the past of its veterans were combined in this project, which, along with many others, left their mark on the building of the council's settlements and its communities. People of action, culture and spirit, who contributed to the physical and spiritual development of the place and its inhabitants._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
We were present to discover the power of the exhibition, which provides a stage for the veteran stories documented in it and excites everyone who has been exposed to it.
I see importance in this venture that reflects the significant place of Yoav veterans in our community. This venture is part of our activities to preserve the local heritage, which is the source of our pride. I believe our job is to connect the younger generation to the heritage of the people who founded the place. Through this connection we can raise here a new generation of young people with values, caring citizens and contributors to the state and society.
The documentation process was led with great success by the region's talented artists from the fields of photography and writing, from all age groups. Their beautiful products reveal to the general public, especially to the younger generation, the long road we have come so far.
I thank all those involved in the craft, first and foremost the veterans for their contribution and willingness to tell their story and share it with us, the photographers and writers on the investment and documentation, the veterans department, the community center and the council spokespersons, who worked with the Autographers project team.
Although he does not remember his past, his past is poor and his future is in the fog (Yigal Alon)
With great appreciation and gratitude to the founding generation,



Dr. Matti French Composition

The head of the regional council, Yoav

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