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The city of Hadera is committed to promoting the involvement of the elderly in the urban space and the Department of Senior Citizens is careful to adopt and promote innovative programs that contribute to this. In this context, we are pleased to be collaborating this second year with the Autographers, an international documentary art enterprise that brings together artists and witnesses to historical events. The joint venture reflects history through the eyes of the people who experienced it through talented artists who document them, and this year focused on the Beit Eliezer neighborhood, one of the oldest and largest among Hadera neighborhoods, which became one of the milestones in its development in the city.

The neighborhood, named after  Eliezer Kaplan , who served as the first Minister of Finance of the State of Israel, was founded in 1950. The founders of Beit Eliezer were immigrants from Yemen , Many of them remain to live in it to this day alongside future generations.

The veterans say that  At first houses were built with large yards that include  an auxiliary farm and the atmosphere was similar to that in the kibbutz. Later, the neighborhood was expanded and with each wave of immigration, another community layer was added to the neighborhood. The Neve Eliezer neighborhood was first built there and in 1973 "Yugoslav housing" consisting of industrialized houses brought from Yugoslavia . In the 1990s, following a large wave of immigration from the Soviet Union , a neighborhood known as the "New House of Eliezer" was built. In this area, the family names of the founders of Hadera were chosen for the street names, as an expression of deep respect for heritage and the past. It is this connection between what was and what is developing, that sets the place and its inhabitants apart.

This venture came to illuminate the part of the veterans who built their lives in the Beit Eliezer neighborhood, shaped its character and contributed to its development.

The products of our journey for the sake of memories, give space and respect to the past and heritage, but also a fresh spirit with a forward look through the eyes of the creators. Through its artistic products that present the stories of the veterans, we will strengthen the many generations connection in the neighborhood and in the city and emphasize the contribution and importance of the third age in our lives.

I would like to thank all the partners in the project - first to the documented people who shared their lives, to the talented writers and photographers, to the staff of the Department of Senior Citizens, to the Beit Eliezer Community Center,



Revital Fox

Director of the Senior Citizens Department of the Hadera Municipality

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דבר ראש העיר

Thanks to our partners:

יו״ר – שלמה בוזגלו, סגן ראש העיר,

מרכזת – מימי אלימלך, מנהלת מחלקת מנהלה,
חברים – סגן ראש העיר רומן גישר, חבר המועצה שי ברכה, 
נציגי ציבור חברים – מירית וקס, אלי בוסקילה, צלל חבר, ליאת שושן ברק.

משקיפות- יוכי דהן מבקרת העירייה, רויטל פוקס יועצת ראש העיר למעמד האישה



The Beit Eliezer neighborhood, one of the oldest in the city of Hadera, was originally founded as a workers' neighborhood. Over the years, the neighborhood attracted immigrants from different countries who together formed a strong community, and who did not shy away from the difficulties that stood in their way. Today, the neighborhood is one of the cornerstones that shaped the identity of Hadera, a city immersed in green nature.

The "Autographers" documentation project, which is operating for the second time in our city courtesy of Mifal Hapayis, gives us a unique glimpse into the fascinating and extensive history of the Beit Eliezer neighborhood through the stories of its veteran residents, who left their mark on the activities and hearts of the people.

We were present to discover the power of the inspiring exhibition, which provided a stage for the veteran stories documented in it and excites everyone who has been exposed to it. The stories of childhood and adolescence in a neighborhood that shapes its face in the shadow of the country's development shed light on whole days in which they were content with little and lived happily and in unity. As in the past, so today - the neighborhood has gained its unique character immersed in nature, and continues to inspire and calm its residents and leads families to plant their pavilion there. The connection between our future and our heritage, which is the source of our pride, is our job to cultivate, which is why I see the Autographers project as an important project, which gives a place of honor and strengthens the city veterans as well as the connection between generations.

The documentation process was led with great success by the talented artists of the area, from all age groups, from the fields of photography and writing. Their beautiful products reveal to the general public, especially to the younger generation, the long road we have traveled from the early days of the neighborhood to the present day.

I thank all those involved in the craft, first of all the city veterans for their contribution and willingness to tell their story and share it with us, the photographers and quality writers for the investment and documentation, and the Senior Citizens Department for leading the venture alongside the Autographers team who worked together to create spectacular products.

Nir Ben Haim

Acting Mayor

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אות יקיר העיר מוענק כהוקרה על תרומה מיוחדת לחברה ועל התנדבות עבור הקהילה. קדמו לקבלת האות עבודה קשה של המתנדבים לאורך שנים רבות. מטרתה  של העשייה שלנו היא לשנות לטובה את פני החברה בה אנו חיים. בדרכנו המיוחדת אנו כובשים פסגה אחר פסגה וההכרה בדרך החיים בה בחרנו נותנת לנו כח להמשיך. כל אחת ואחד מאתנו משקיע לילות כימים ונתרם הרבה מעבר לתרומה שהוא נותן.

כיחידים וכחברה יש לנו חובה מוסרית להיטיב עם אוכלוסיות שהגורל לא שפר עליהן. חדרה התברכה בארגוני מתנדבים רבים ובאנשים מופלאים הפועלים בהם.

ברצוני להודות לעיריית חדרה ולחברי הוועדה על ההוקרה וההכרה בפועלנו.

אני נושאת בלבי תפילה שביום מן הימים נוכל אנו המתנדבות והמתנדבים, להביט  סביבנו בסיפוק ולומר – אין צורך בנו  יותר.  

בהערכה רבה לכולם,

שרה ריינר

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