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איור: יערה שנהב

להשאיר חותם בצפת - אסון מעלות

דבר ראש העיר

The mayor's remarks

The "Autographers" project, which is courtesy of Mifal Hapayis, provides us with a window into the many years of work of veterans in a variety of different and diverse fields . Their lives. This venture came to provide a stage for those people in an inspiring exhibition that excites everyone who has been exposed to it.

The stories of childhood and adolescence in a city that shapes its face in the shadow of the development of the country, shed light on whole days in which they were content with little and lived happily and in unity. As in the past, so today - Or Yehuda has maintained its unique character immersed in nature, and continues to inspire and calm its residents and leads families to plant their pavilion there. The connection between our future and our heritage, which is the source of our pride, is our job to nurture, so I see the Autographers venture as an important project that gives a place of honor and strengthens the city's veterans as well as the bond between generations.

The documentation process was led with great success by the talented artists of the area, from all age groups, from the fields of photography and writing. Their beautiful products reveal to the general public, especially to the younger generation, the long journey we have made from the first days of the city to the present day.

I thank all those involved in the craft, first of all to the city's veterans for their contribution and willingness to tell their story and share it with us, to the quality photographers and writers on the investment and documentation, and to the Community Resources Department at the Shahak Division



Liat Shochat

Mayor of Or Yehuda


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