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The "Leave a Mark" association was founded with the aim of promoting art and commemorating witnesses of historical events worldwide. The association produced “The Autographers” project, an international nonprofit organization whose goal is to connect local communities with their unique historical and cultural heritage through
the documentation of personal testimonies.


This project was launched in 2017 and connects storytellers from all around the globe. After a unique training workshop, the artists meet with the witnesses and create an
artistic portrait that reflects the person and story they heard. The artwork is accompanied by a personal text, and the products are joined together making the cultural and historical experience accessible to the general public. The resulting products are produced as traveling exhibitions, photo books, community events, workshops, and speaker training events, aimed at passing on the stories of the
witnesses to the community, general public and in particular, the education system.
The venture partners artists from Israel and around the world. Our team members include artists from around the globe, among them artists working in digital media,
filmmakers, photographers, journalists, historians, educators and students.  Some of our team members are 3 rd generation Holocaust survivors themselves. All of us
share a love of storytelling, documentation and a passion for history.

In addition, the project promotes documentary personalities of creators and provides them with a home for display, content connection, professional accompaniment and


The project was supported by the Student and Student Association of Israel and “Zikaron Basalon” (Livingroom Memories), with activist cells in academic institutions
in Israel. In June 2019, the Ghetto Fighters 'House awarded “The Autographers” a certificate for their flagship project of Holocaust survivors' documentation.

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