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Vladimir Glushenko

An Intelligence officer


Story by Lior Tal

Photo by Lior Tal

Vladimir was born on 07/04/1922 in the village of Galapirovka (Krasnodar) in Russia. In 1940 he enlisted in the Russian army and was drafted into the war on 20/11/1942. During his three years of military service, he served as an officer in military intelligence, during that period he received many medals on for courage, combat and rescue efforts.
"War is not just shootings and victories. It was a hard time, with extreme weather conditions, very harsh realities and much death all around. I hope the younger generation does not experience another war." he says.

The most important medal for him is his "Red Star" medal for bravery. He also received the "World War II" medal given to those who participated in type 2 combat operations.
"We were only informed of the end of the war late at night. We heard shooting, voices and the sky lit up, there was great joy among the soldiers" He remembers.
After the war, from 1946 to 1951, he studied at the University of Nha Di in the city of Rostov, his field of study was railway infrastructure. After graduating, he moved to Tbilisi, where he worked in a design and construction plant. He advanced to the post of Chief Engineer, where he worked until his immigration to Israel in 1994. In Israel, he settled in Nesher, which absorbed many immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

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