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Hanan Laskov

The twin brothers who fought side by side in the front


Photo by Michal Egozi

Hanan was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, 07.10.1923. In 1942, he enlisted in the Red Army with his twin brother, he served until 1745 when he was liberated, he was retired as a war invalid. His brother became an officer, while he was stationed in the infantry. Although initially separated, he and his twin brother fought shoulder to shoulder for a month at the battle of Stalingrad (Volggrad today). In 1944, just months before the war ended, his twin brother was killed. During the war, Hanan was wounded 4 times and was eventually placed in the position of a weapons and artillery escort. "I was sky high when they announced on the radio that the war was over" he says. At the time he was serving in a remote part of ??Siberia. After the war he returned to Kharkov and completed his art studies and worked his entire life as a painter. Some of his paintings about the Battle of Stalingrad appear in books and are studied in universities.
"I wish the younger generation would go to museums dedicated to documenting past wars and armies in order to recognize and appreciate the heroism of the people who lived through those times״ he says.

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