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Regina Wardi

“It is important for this story to be told”

Writer: Christina Damgaard Andersen

Photographer Credit: Nissim Salam

Born in Cologne, Germany in 1932, Regina arrived in Denmark as a refugee in 1939 with her father. Her mother passed away prior to the outbreak of the war. In Denmark Regina attended the Jewish school, while her father supported them by working in different trades. Towards the end of September 1943, the family had been warned that it was not safe to sleep at home and an acquaintance had arranged for them to stay in an empty apartment in Nørrebro. On October 3rd 1943, they boarded a train going north hoping to secure passage to Sweden. After arriving at Snekkersten Station, the family walked along the seashore where fishermen waved to them to come to their boats. The family didn’t have any money with them, so they paid for the crossing by giving the fishermen their silver cutlery. After a brief crossing of about 45 minutes, the boat arrived in Sweden. In 1945, the family returned to Denmark where Regina later got married and raised a family. To Regina it is important to be open with her children about what happened during the war and to make sure the story is transmitted to the next generations. In 2015 Regina moved to Israel to be with her children and grandchildren.

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