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Artists in the fields of photography, painting or prose, with professional equipment, can apply for participation in the project. The creators undergo dedicated training that focuses on creating written documentation and photography, reflecting a personal and historical life story alike. The creators receive a logistical envelope that promotes their products in traveling exhibitions, catalogs, and training workshops as storytellers and community ambassadors.

To date, more than 100 artists from 3 continents around the world have participated.

Applicants for documentaries who are developing a personal project and are interested in the association's support in presenting the project to the general public may also apply for the project. Among the projects on display here: 

" The Last Squad"  – Portraits of Holocaust Survivors, a documentary project by the French duo Nissim Salam and Sandrine Cohen.

" Wounded Landscape "  – A project that connects the community to the place, by British photographer Mark Wilson.

" Voices from the Dark "  – Portrait photographs of veterans combining songs inspired by their stories.

The creator must sign a letter of consent for the presentation of the submitted works.

Download the form here

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