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Desert Dunes

Heroes of World War II in the Jezreel Valley

"This venture came to illuminate  the story of World War II heroes from its various sides"

World War II broke out in Europe in 1939 and wiped out about half of the Jewish population. Some were sent to concentration camps, hidden in forests, lived under false identities, assisted partisan forces and struggled to survive. In collaboration with the Jezreel Valley Regional Council, we embarked on a documentary journey following the story of the heroes of World War II from its various sides. We met those who were then boys and girls, boys and girls, and who chose to build their lives in Israel and throughout the Jezreel Valley Regional Council. They sought to share in their memories the younger generation and to convey the message of their love for this country, which is no small thing for them._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Although the documented went through the war in different places, they all tell of hunger, cold, despair, hatred, loss and fear. They tell how the home front became the bomb-absorbing front. Some lost a mother or father, and found themselves alone. From these moments also emerges a spark of humanity, of help and hope. The survival instinct that once was in their hearts, evoked hope to build a new and better life. A hope that became a reality when they immigrated to Israel. Among the documented, people are kissing at the age of a hundred, and their clear memory is inspiring.
This moving product comes to share their personal testimony about the historic event, and describes the heroism that is revealed in a time of difficulty and the hope that was in their hearts for the day when the war will end.   are our heroes.
The Autographers is an international artistic documentation project that aims to connect the community to its unique history. Sharing their personal story is our moral duty. "Remember and do not forget," says one of the documenters. "This is our will," they emphasize. "It is a mission to pass on these stories to the next generation, to keep our eyes open and remember what we have lost."
We thank the documentarians who shared with us memories of their personal history and the talented documentarians who helped breathe life into the history we read about.


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