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Creator/ Artist:
Artists working in the field of photography, painting or writing.
The creators undergo special training for the creation of a unique documentary testimony, recorded both in writing and images and reflects a personal human story. The creators receive a logistical package which helps promote them by encouraging their participation in exhibitions, catalogs and training workshops as storytellers and community


To date, more than 100 creators from over 3 continents have participated in the project. The venture may also submit documentary stories that develop a personal project or quest.
These projects will receive the support of the association by giving them a platform and visibility to reach a wider public.
Among the projects presented to us:

“The Last Link” - Portraits of Holocaust Survivors, a documentary project by French duo Nissim Salam and Sandrine Cohen.

“An Injured Landscape”- a project which connects testimonies to the scenes of crime, by British photographer Mark Wilson.
“Voices in The Dark”- Portraits of war veterans with poems inspired by their stories.

Creators must sign an agreement for the exhibition of the submitted works.

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