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The Autographers community creates and promotes social and entertainment discourse. This is the place for anyone who wants to share their life story with a historical perspective, or to develop documentation skills, portrait photography and storytelling, and in the background the most important meaning - the human angle. Interested in supporting the activity?

Take part in the creation!

Leave a mark and join as creators or as witnesses (storytellers).

Ambassadors of the Autographers

Language speakers who are interested in taking part in the translation of the content, in writing or orally as translators for non-language witnesses, thus making their community heard, are invited to take part as our ambassadors. Activities today focus on Hebrew, English, French, Russian and English.

Leave a mark in the locality

An authority that is interested in bringing the project to it as part of welfare activities for the veteran population, or educational and cultural activities, is invited to contact us. The project is recognized for budgeting through the Lottery in compliance with threshold conditions. For details write to us.

You have the autographs

We offer a variety of customized activities for organizations and groups: documentary storytelling workshops, inspiring lectures, meetings with creators around documented historical topics, a pop-up exhibition and more. For details write to us.

Autographers Junior

We believe in passing on the historical story, in an experiential and active way that involves the younger generation in a way that leaves a mark on it. We invite counselors and teachers in the education system to contact us for a kit to deliver an experiential lesson, to host the project or to join the "Autographers Jr." program - special documentation tailored to the younger generation. For details write to us.

Patron of the Autographs

Interested in commemorating a person dear to your heart? The "Leave a Seal" association allows you to dedicate a book, exhibition, or activity, for the benefit of commemorating your loved ones and thus keeping their being alive._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

All proceeds from the purchases of the exhibition books are intended for the continued activity of the association and the enterprise in Israel and around the world.

For details and reservations you can contact us at


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