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 About the Creators 

 Keren-Or Grinberg 
Founder, Photographer

Artist & 3rd generation

 Kifah Owda 

Engineer & 3rd Generation

 Rom Loten 

Film creator

 Romy Engle 

Photographer, Coordinator in Boston

 Meet some of TheAutographers 

 Adina Sumarokova 

Photographer & Painter, 
"Russian veterans from ww2"

 Yair Abelson 


 Hila kadi 

Fashion photographer

 Tal Ganon 


 Our Champion Artists 

We believe in collaboration with artists working on personal project in line

with our messages. The first cohort of our champion artists includes

creative Autographers traveling the world to deliver their broad story. 
Submission for personal projects to join the global exhibitions is now open.

 Marc Wilson 

England Creator of 
“A wounded landscape”

 Nissim Sellam 

France & Israel 
Creator of “Last Link”

 Sandrine Cohen 

Creator of “Last Link”

 Stéphanie Pfeiffer  

France & USA Creator of 
"Gueules de Parisiens"

 Dereje Simon  

creator of

 "Memories from Africa"

 Amit Sha'al  


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